is a Healthcare-as-a-Service (“HaaS”) solution for hospital-directed, in-home healthcare operations and associated workflows.


The Problem

More and more of pre and post procedure/surgery preparation and rehabilitation is occurring at the Patient’s residence. The in-home activities and tasks are inherently remote and disconnected from hospital staff and resources, presenting many unique challenges. Specifically, in-home healthcare provision is faced with:

  • Manual, paper-based workflows and administrative processes
  • No real-time connectivity between the Patient, Hospital Care Team and In-home Caregivers
  • Patient and Caregiver activity and task assignment and scheduling are difficult
  • Lots of administrative errors and workflow inefficiencies in current processes

The Solution

The LiveCare HaaS Solution manages the end-to-end, hospital-directed, in-home healthcare process and associated workflows.

The LiveCare Solution seamlessly connects all parties involved in the home healthcare process through an integrated set of modules, including:

  1. Care Team Admin Console and Dashboard
  2. In-Home Caregiver App
  3. Patient Portal

These configurable modules are tightly integrated to efficiently and effectively manage the in-residence administrative workflows and consumer, supply, and medical device transport process from beginning to end.

The Result

The results generated by the LiveCare HaaS Solution are transformative for in-home healthcare service delivery. LiveCare drives better patient outcomes, improves hospital efficiency and improves both the hospital’s top and bottom lines.


LiveCare Benefits


  •  Better Patient outcomes, fewer canceled surgeries/procedures and reduced in-hospital follow ups
  • Increased productivity for both in-home caregivers and hospital-based care teams
  • Lower admin expense for in-home care service delivery
  • Increased utilization of staff assigned to in-home cases
  • Increased patient participation and control of their healthcare delivery
Shipment Delivery

In-Home Caregivers

  • Ability to review upcoming schedule and appointments through their mobile device
  • Elimination of manual, paper-based activities and tasks
  • Accelerated admin processing and reduced errors resulting in better performance
  • Delivery of better service and more satisfying experience for Patients
  • Less post-appointment hardcopy paperwork to fill out and submit

Patient Care Team

  •  Intelligent, efficient assignment and scheduling of in-home care activities and tasks to Patients and Caregivers
  • Continual 360 degree visibility of Patient condition and care delivery status
  • Auto-notifications received when specific Patient KPIs depart from acceptable thresholds
  • Fewer canceled surgeries/procedures and reduced in-hospital follow up procedures


  • More convenient to receive care in the comfort of their home
  • Better home care outcomes and a more positive experience
  • Expanded participation in and control of their home-based healthcare
  • Improved visibility to upcoming Caregiver appointments, activities and tasks
  • Enhanced communications and collaboration with their hospital-based care team

Care Team Admin Console and Dashboard

  • Used by the members of the in-hospital Care Team with access based on User roles

Capabilities of the Admin Console include:

  • Efficient creation of Patient Care Plan by configuring pre-established care templates (e.g. vitals monitoring, physical therapy, nutrition, etc)
  • Access to Patient Aperture which is a dashboard of critical Patient information, including physical status, vitals, alerts/notifications, healthcare providers, recent procedures, etc
  • Automated scheduling and assignment of in-home care resources, activities and tasks to Patients and in-home Caregivers
  • Monitoring and review of in-home Caregiver and Patient activities, schedules, tasks and associated e-Forms.
  • Receipt of notifications and alerts when Patient KPIs exceed established thresholds

In-Home Caregiver App

  • Used by in-home Caregivers with access based on User roles and Patient assignments

Capabilities of the Caregiver App include:

  • Receipt and acceptance of Caregiver assigned tasks and activities
  • Access to directions to their scheduled appointments through integration with their default navigation app on their device
  • Review dates, times, locations and details of their scheduled appointments, activities and tasks
  • Electronic recording of activity and task status, form data fields and upload of supporting documents through their mobile device
  • Automated visit verification (“EVV”) with recording of date, time and location of arrival at and departure from appointment

Patient Portal

  • Used by Patients with access to their own Care Plan and associated documents

Capabilities of the Patient Portal include:

  • Access to their personal Home Page where they can view their next assigned task, check their messages, review their assigned tasks for the day and update their user profile
  • Review a schedule of their assigned tasks and examine the details
  • Access and fill in all forms associated for their assigned tasks
  • Receive reminder notifications of upcoming tasks and alerts when a task has not been completed at a specified time

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