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We can help public and private organizations manage the COVID-19 crisis.

When a disaster or crisis occurs, the last thing you want to think about is your emergency management technology.

Too often disaster response and crisis management operations are undermined by a lack of visibility to field resources, resulting in ineffective missions and increased confusion. Communications breakdowns prevent interoperability among teams, and technology platforms are  hopelessly outdated and unsuited to the complex environments in which you operate.

The LiveResponse solution makes disaster response and crisis management operations much more effective. 

Our emergency management software provides functionality for scheduling, dispatching, tasking, and monitoring field resources. Operations Center personnel can manage the big picture as well as individual resources with a graphical, map-based, administrator console. They can also see real-time situation reports and operation analytics on demand.

Field resources have access to real-time information and can add important data such as task status, photos, and diagrams. LiveResponse can also be integrated with existing task or project management software as well as with collaboration platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Slack. OnSeen’s pioneering online forms builder allows administrators to customize task management functions in minutes without IT resources and can be configured for a wide range of use-cases.

OnSeen Provides Four Critical Benefits

Situational Awareness

OnSeen ensures that all participants have a common operating picture and can stay up to date in real time.

Unified Task Management

OnSeen can aggregate tasks from multiple systems so there is only one system of record for field task management.


OnSeen requires little to no training and can be implemented quickly.

Resource Deconfliction

OnSeen helps you keep track of your resources so you can make sure you have the right resources doing the right task at the right place and time.

Solution Components

LiveResponse provides complete visibility and control of field operations with the following solution components:

Admin Console and Dashboard

Used by supervisors and managers to:

  1. Assign, schedule and manage their field staff
  2. Monitor task status and field resource activity
  3. Communicate in real-time with their field staff and 3rd parties;
  4. Review critical resource performance, productivity, and performance metrics
Workforce Management Solutions
Case Management Module

Field Resource Mobile App

Used by field resources to:

  1. Receive task assignments from the Admin Console and Dashboard
  2. Update task information and attach related pictures and documents
  3. Check-in and check-out from appointments
  4. Communicate from anywhere with the Operations center, patients, and other field resources

3rd Party Portal

Used by agencies, patients, citizens,  and any permissioned 3rd party to:

  1. View task status
  2. Submit images and initial damage assessments
  3. View logs and reports
  4. Share information.
Communication module

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