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Increasing Community Access and Quality of Life for Ohioans with Disabilities

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Relative to disabilities transportation service, a large portion of the Ohio Disabilities Community is underserved. Individuals with disabilities often lack reliable, consistent access to quality transportation services. Specifically, many Ohio citizens with disabilities:

  • Find it difficult to get to work consistently on time,
  • Are limited from going to training, medical and educational appointments, and
  • Lack of mobility to get to activities and events outside their residence.

Compounding the issue is the fact that Transportation Providers are struggling to generate a positive ROI on their investments in vehicles and driver resources as a result of:

  • Inefficient vehicle and driver utilization,
  • High cost of operations due to vehicle maintenance, insurance and driver staffing expenses, and
  • Increasing capital requirements to finance vehicles.


OnSeen is partnering with both the public and private sectors of the Ohio Disabilities Community to create a quality, reliable, State-wide transportation network for its people with disabilities, the Ohio Disabilities Community Transportation Network (“ODCTN”). OnSeen’s Software for developmental disabilities delivers the requisite technology needed to seamlessly connect and coordinate all of the participants in the ODCTN, including Consumers, Caregivers, Provider Management and Drivers in real-time. The result is a reliable, consumer-centric transportation network that allows its transportation providers to operate efficiently and profitably.

Disabilities Transportation Service


Individuals with Disabilities – Most importantly, the ODCTN improves the experience and independence of individuals with disabilities by improving their access to reliable, quality, technology-enabled disabilities transportation service. With expanded access to improved paratransit services, these individuals get to work, appointments, and outside activities more consistently and reliably.

Transportation Providers – In addition, LiveCare Increases the efficiency and profitability of Provider operations through the improved vehicle and driver utilization. These utilization improvements, typically in the 15 – 30% range, are derived from the intelligent driver and vehicle assignment, scheduling and route optimization afforded by OnSeen’s LiveCare Transportation Solution.


ODCTN Advisory Board

The Ohio Disabilities Community Transportation Network is governed by a Board of Advisors comprised of a broad representation of public and private sector organizations that support and advocate for Ohioans with disabilities. The following organizations are currently represented on the ODCTN Advisory Board:

The ODCTN Advisory Board has also formed a series of Working Committees to focus on and address critical issues.

Regional Pilots

The launch of the ODCTN is being managed through a set of regional pilots in targeted geographies throughout the State. The initial ODCTN Pilot will be in the 7-county Central Ohio Region. The objectives of these Pilot Programs are threefold:

  • Evaluate the Ohio Disabilities Community Transportation Network performance in a controlled, geographically concentrated environment,
  • Get feedback from participating citizens with disabilities, employers and providers on how to improve the ODCTN’s and LiveCare Transportation Module’s performance, and
  • Implement the identified improvements prior to a full State-wide launch of the Ohio Disabilities Community Transportation Network

If you are interested in starting a Pilot in your region, please click on the Contact Us link below to request a call with a member of the ODCTN Advisory Board and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

LiveCare Transportation Management Module 


The LiveCare Transportation Management Module allows Providers to responsively and cost-effectively manage the transport of Consumers and Caregivers to outside appointments, activities, events and work by:

  • Improving timeliness and efficiency of dispatching operations
  • Auto-generating the most optimal routes through the LiveCare Optimizer
  • Optimizing vehicle and driver scheduling and assignment

Specifically, the Transportation Management Module supports the following capabilities:

  • Submission of trip requests for transportation of Consumer and Caregivers
  • Optimized scheduling, dispatching and routing of Drivers and vehicles that transport the Consumers
  • Real-time visibility to the status of Consumer trips and Driver routes
transportation management module for disabled citizens

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