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Your Mobile Teams


Your Mobile Teams


Your Mobile Teams

Your people and assets are constantly on the move and spread all over. You need a location-driven, mobile collaboration app to bring your team together.

Messaging, Notifications & Alerts Module

Keep everyone on your team informed and up to date no matter where they are

Bring your team closer together with full featured, real-time, multi-channel chat messaging, push notifications and alerts that can be added to your App with minimal development effort. Let your team intelligently share text, images, audio and video files from anywhere to anywhere over both IP and carrier networks.

Task Management and Attendance Verification Module

Manage all of your projects, workflows, tasks and team members with a simple app

Make sure your team is performing by creating, assigning and organizing your tasks for your initiatives. Each member has their own personalized “My Tasks” list with location detail so they can effectively plan their day. Managers can use a list or map view of all their team’s tasks to coordinate and manage overall progress.

Resource Scheduling, Dispatching and Routing Module

Increase efficiency, maximize equipment use & improve customer satisfaction

Schedule, dispatch and route your resources and equipment, and assign jobs to the right resource with the right capabilities at the optimal location. Minimize your team’s travel time and expense with intelligent geo-grouping of jobs and never miss an appointment with instant visibility to all your resources in a single map view.

Activity Calendar and Event Management Module

Provide your team with visibility to important upcoming activities and events

View schedule, location and other details for each calendar entry. And for more complex events, take advantage of our robust event platform that allows event organizers to plan, promote, and sell tickets or registrations to events and publish them across Facebook, Twitter and other social-networking tools directly from our robust admin module.

Location Attribution, Analytics and Optimization Engine

Measure, attribute, analyze and optimize your resource performance

Even with a comprehensive collaboration or task management app, it’s hard to manage the many members and assets that comprise your teams. You need visibility to their locations, real-time access to key performance metrics and allocation decision assistance to create a truly collaborative, high-performing mobile team.


Contact us to learn how you can integrate our location-driven collaboration technology into your existing app to improve the ROI, efficiency and effectiveness of your mobile teams and resources.

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