OnSeen DX Transportation Management Software

OnSeen DX is an end-to-end transportation workforce management software solution for local or regional courier, delivery 


Lack of Real-Time Visibility to Shipment’s Status and Limited Ability to Connect, Coordinate the Parties Involved in the Shipment

The shipment delivery process is an important process for both the Shipper and Receiver. Unfortunately, there are many, disconnected participants involved in the shipment process (shipper, driver, dispatcher and receiver), resulting in a lack of real-time visibility of the Shipment’s status and current location and an inefficient process.

The Result
Shipment process inefficiency, high delivery costs, and uninformed and frustrated shippers and receivers

The OnSeen DX Solution to Manage the End-To-End Transportation Workflow from Shipment Pick-Up through Shipment Delivery.

The OnSeen DX delivery solution connects all parties involved in the shipment through an integrated set of modules, including:
1) Dispatcher Admin Console and Dashboard 2) Shipper App
3) Driver App 4) Receiver Portal.
These configurable modules are tightly integrated to efficiently and effectively manage the Shipment Delivery workflow from beginning to end.

The Result
Increased driver productivity, lower delivery expense, increased vehicle utilization and increased Shipper satisfaction and retention




  • Improved visibility to shipment delivery status
  • Reduced delivery charges from carrier
  • Faster shipment delivery to destination


  • Enhanced access to their schedule through their mobile device
  • Reduce wasted miles and time on shipment pickup and delivery
  • Maximize the number of shipments they can service each day
Shipment Delivery


  • Improved control & visibility of drivers, vehicles and shipments
  • Intelligent, automated driver assignment, scheduling & dispatching
  • Single, real-time map view of all drivers, vehicles & shipments


  • Improved visibility to shipment delivery status
  • Reduced delivery charges from carrier
  • Faster shipment delivery time

Shipper App

The Shipper App allows the Shipper to set up their payment and notifications preferences. Once their preferences are setup, they can then use the App to create and send a Shipment Request to the Carrier and generate an e-Bill of Lading. Once assigned to a Driver, Shipper will receive a Confirmation of their Shipment Request.

The Shipper can then track the driver assigned to pickup the shipment through a Live Map view. And once picked up, the Shipper can track the Shipment Delivery all the way to the destination. The Shipper will also receive notifications whenever the status of the shipment changes.

Shipment invoicing and payment occurs through the Shipper App. And the Shipper will have access to a variety of metrics and reports through the Shipping App Dashboard.

Dispatch Admin Console & Dashboard

Shipment Requests are received by the Dispatch Admin Console where the Dispatcher can view a list of all

Shipment Requests in a List or Map View. The Dispatch Console passes unassigned Shipment Requests and details to the Scheduler & Route Optimizer, where the Optimizer matches Shipment Request attributes to Driver/Vehicle profiles, including proximity to the Shipment Pickup Location.

The Optimizer returns a list of Drivers/Vehicles to the Dispatch Console, in ranked order based on a match of Shipment attributes-to-Driver/Vehicle profile and proximity to pick-up location. The Dispatcher then views and assigns Shipment Requests to the recommended, nearest Driver and Vehicle.

Selected Driver/Vehicle receives a Shipment Request through their Driver App from the Dispatch Module. When the Driver accepts the Shipment Request, the Shipment’s Status is automatically changed to “Assigned” in the Dispatch Console.

Driver App

Driver, through Driver App, receives a Shipment Request when Driver/Vehiclematches the requirements of the Shipment Request and are in close proximity to the Shipment pickup location. Information received in the Driver App includes the estimated number of fulfillment hours and estimated payout to Driver/Carrier.

Driver, on the Driver App, can view a schedule of their assigned Shipment Requests including the following details: Pickup & Drop Off Location; and Scheduled Depart, Pick Up, and Delivery Time. Driver can filter their Schedule by Day, Week or Month.

The Driver uses the Driver App to direct them via the most efficient route to the pickup, delivery locations. And the Driver can update shipment status (en route, picked up, delivered, etc) at each step in the delivery process.

Receiver Portal

The principal functionality of the Receiver Portal is to provide Shipment Status and tracking visibility to the recipient of the Shipment. The Portal is updated each timethe status of the Shipment is changed (Assigned, En Route, Picked Up, Delivered). In addition, Notifications will be sent each time the Shipment Status changes.

The Receiver can also use the Portal to track the Shipment in real-time on a Map view. The Live Map Tracking View will also provide the name and picture of the Driver who is delivering their Shipment. If the Shipment is delayed, a Notification is sent to the Receiver.

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