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  • Lack of Simple, Real-Time, Location-Based Collaboration, Management and Control Technology to Effectively Coordinate Job Seekers, Government Staff and Employer Partners.
  • Training, educating and helping unemployed citizens secure viable, long-term employment is critical to the individual’s and community’s financial well-being. Unfortunately, without an easy way to coordinate all participating team members, it is an incredibly difficult and resource intensive undertaking
  • 80A Geo-Mobile App With a Comprehensive Performance Dashboard That Provides Real-Time Collaboration, Management and Control of Job Seekers, Case Teams and Support Resources
  • With the OnSeen Workforce Management & Development platform, case managers can connect job seekers to employers, case management staff and support resources at the right time and place with the right information.



Increased State/Community Employment

By connecting job seekers to available jobs and improving collaboration between seekers and support staff, employment levels will increase

Accountability & Effectiveness

Increase staff & program participant accountability and effectiveness by improving collaboration and providing enhanced visibility and validation

Outcome Focus

Transform the State or community workforce management & development program results from process-focused to outcome-based (Employment & Job Retention)

Employer Partnerships

Expand & strengthen the partnership with community employers by delivering viable, qualified candidates and simple, easy-to-use collaboration technology

Responsible Tax Dollar Use

Ensure responsible use of tax dollars by continually measuring and improving programs, increasing employment levels and reducing unemployment cost

Jobs Module

Intelligently connecting Job Seekers to Employers at the right place and time.

The App intelligently matches the Job Seeker’s Profile to Job Listing attributes to create “Featured Jobs” for the Seeker. When a Job Seeker is in proximity to Employer location that has a matching Job, the App delivers an available job Notification.

Employers are able to “close the loop” by entering additional job applicant status info. Job Seeker may create, edit or submit their online resumes via the App.

Workforce Management Solutions
Case Management Module

Case Management Module

effectively coordinating the activities and support resources for Job Seekers.

User can view a downloaded list of activities scheduled for them in the App and review the details of an individual activity. When the User is within the proximity of the activity location, they can check-in through the App, creating a date/time stamp and validating that the device is at the specified Location.

Any deviations between scheduled and actual times and locations are written to an exception report for review and remedial action by caseworker.

Event Management Module

Comprehensive event calendar and specific event details , map and activities.

The Events Calendar is integrated with the participant’s work activities and allows the User to check-in or check-out of their work activities.

If a participant registers for an Event or indicates that they will attend, then the Event will be displayed on the User’s “+My Events” tab.

A map view of the event venue(s), parking, lodging and other relevant locations is available to attendees. Users can search Events by event name, description, date, or location.

Event Management Module

Communications Module

Facilitating effective communications between Job Seekers and their support teams.

Message Boards allow online discussions between specific groups of Users such as case management teams. Every member of a given Message Board can post to the Board and can view all the Messages on the Board.

Administrators can post to the Message Board and moderate Posts from the Admin Console.

They can also send Alerts that will appear on the Message Board and be delivered directly to Users as a push notification.

Communication module

Admin & Dashboard Module

Setup and administer the App modules, user and admin accounts. Also download and assign job seeker, staff and support resource activities and tasks. And monitor, manage and coordinate persons and activities through a comprehensive map view.

Display Job Reports (such as the Job Funnel Report), Case Management Reports and Event Reports.

Admin and Dashboard Module

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