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Increase Efficiency, Reduce Cost, Improve Outcomes, Optimize Resource Utilization with OnSeen’s Resource Allocation AI®

With the OnSeen’s AI-powered Mobile Workforce Management (MWM) platform you can:

Autonomously allocate, assign, schedule, dispatch, and monitor remote staff, contractors and equipment

Direct work assignment and task completion of your remote resources using smart eForms and eChecklists

Maintain 360-degree Situational Awareness through location monitoring and real-time status updates from remote resources

Collaborate with mobile resources in real-time wherever they are through multi-media comm options

Turn Your Data into Knowledge and Knowledge Into Intelligent Action

For For the Developmental Disabilites Community

OnSeen manages critical administrative processes and workflows for developmental disabilities Providers, and provides increased control, independence and self-direction to Individuals with developmental disabilities through its AI-powered, mobile-web, LiveCare platform.

Currently, many Provider administrative processes are paper-based, manual and highly inefficient, leading to excessive admin costs, regulatory compliance exposure and frustrated consumers. LiveCare seamlessly connects all participants in the DD care process in real-time. The result is an enhanced experience and greater independence for Individuals, and increased efficiency and ROI for Providers.

For P&C Insurers and Independent Adjusters

OnSeen automates the claims management and adjustment process for property & casualty insurance companies and independent adjusters with its intelligent mobile-web InsurTech platform.

Legacy claims adjustment processes are typically manual and logistically inefficient, resulting in high claims adjustment costs, frustrated policyholders and agents, and increased regulatory risk. LiveClaims seamlessly and intelligently connects insurers, policyholders, adjusters, and agents so the claims adjustment process is efficient, transparent, cost-effective, and increasingly autonomous.

The Intelligent Installation Management System (I2MS)

For the US Air Force and Other Defense Agencies

Installations must become thinking, learning, acting systems working in concert to project combat power. OnSeen is currently working with the USAF to deliver a new, AI-powered, intelligent installation management technology platform called I2MS. Using OnSeen’s Resource Allocation AI, I2MS delivers:

  • Accelerated, proactive, intelligent, and increasingly autonomous decision making;
  • Optimized resource allocation, assignment, and dispatch;
  • Automated emergency response and recovery; and
  • Efficient, automated process outcome and performance documentation and reporting.

For State and Local Government

Governments lack simple, real-time, location-based collaboration, management, and control technology to effectively coordinate job seekers, government staff and employer partners.

With the intelligent LiveGov Solution, program case managers autonomously connect job seekers to employers, case management staff, and support resources at the right time and place with the right information.

What People Are Saying

The LiveCare CFAM Module has transformed how we manage financial accounts of people we serve. Manual ledgers and crumpled receipts are all but eliminated and so are nearly all errors and associated UIs and MUIs.
Rich Johnson

CEO, ViaQuest

The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities MUI Unit encourages use of these creative systems, like LiveCare, as we work collectively, across Ohio, to protect those we are entrusted to support.

Scott Phillips

Assistant Deputy Director, DODD, MUI & Registry Unit

OnSeen delivers! Their LiveCare CFAM Module is cost-effective, convenient, and clean. Since using LiveCare, our reviews from both DODD and County Boards have been met with compliments.
Adam Guinther

Executive Director, RHAM, President, OPRA

The LiveCare Transportation Module empowers Individuals with disabilities by by allowing them (or their caregivers) to request and monitor trips, and receive reminders and updates. Livecare also reduces our Provider operational costs by automating administrative tasks and vehicle/driver routing.

Liz Owens

CEO, The Alpha Group

I see such tremendous value and impact happening daily from the LiveCare Scheduling & Appointment Management Module on our operations and the support we are able to deliver to the deserving individuals we serve.
Mary Thompson-Hufford

CEO, The Fuse Network

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