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Manage Your People, Places, and Things with Ease

With the OnSeen Mobile Workforce Management (MWM) platform you can:

  • Task, schedule, dispatch, and monitor remote staff and contractors
  • Provide real-time status updates to everyone involved in the process
  • Collaborate with mobile resources in real time wherever they are
Know More. Reduce Your Costs. Delight Your Customers.

For P&C Insurers and Independent Adjusters

We help property & casualty insurance companies and independent adjusters manage their claims processes with a robust mobile-web InsurTech platform.

A legacy claims process can be a logistical nightmare that increases claims adjustment costs, frustrates policyholders and agents, and increases regulatory risk. LiveClaims seamlessly connects insurers, policyholders, adjusters, and agents so the claims process is efficient, transparent and cost-effective.

For The Developmental Disabilities Community

OnSeen helps Developmental Disabilities Providers manage their critical administrative processes and workflows through its robust, mobile-web, LiveCare platform.

Currently, many Provider administrative processes are paper-based, manual and highly inefficient, leading to excessive admin costs, regulatory compliance exposure and frustrated consumers. LiveCare seamlessly connects all of the participants in the DD care process in real-time. The result is an enhanced Consumer experience, independence, and increased efficiency and ROI of Provider operations

Increasing Community Access and Quality of Life for Ohioans with Disabilities

OnSeen is working with the Ohio Disabilities Community to launch the Ohio Disabilities Community Transportation Network (“ODCTN”) to address what many in the Community deem to be their number one problem: lack of access to quality, reliable and consistent transportation services for citizens with disabilities.

The ODCTN represents a technology-enabled transportation network that: (1) is responsive, reliable and consumer-centric providing more independence to individuals with disabilities, and (2) increases the efficiency and profitability of transportation providers that service the disabilities community.

For Emergency Management

For emergency management, disaster response, and crisis management, LiveResponse is a military-inspired, command and control platform for mobile teams that helps emergency management agencies, local governments, businesses, and non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) ensure situational awareness and task completion for critical field operations.

For State and Local Government

Governments lack of simple, real-time, location-based collaboration, management and control technology to effectively coordinate job seekers, government staff and employer partners.

With the LiveGov Solution, case managers can connect job seekers to employers, case management staff and support resources at the right time and place with the right information.

For Home Healthcare Providers

We help home healthcare providers manage their in-home healthcare and administrative processes with a robust mobile-web healthcare platform.

Current in-residence healthcare and related administrative processes are typically manual and highly inefficient leading to excessive costs, regulatory compliance exposure and frustrated consumers. LiveCare seamlessly connects home office managers and admins, in-home providers, consumers, and guardians, thereby delivering efficiency, transparency, lower costs and improved compliance

For Transportation Providers

With the LiveTrans Solution, dispatchers have a real-time, map view of the location of their shippers, shipments, drivers, vehicles and receivers, and all the parties are seamlessly connected through OnSeen’s mobile app/web app architecture.

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