Mobile Workforce Management

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Coordinate Your People, Places, and Things

With the OnSeen Mobile Workforce Managment (MWM) solution, you can dispatch, monitor, and task remote team members, provide real-time status updates to everyone involved in the process, and collaborate with mobile resources wherever they happen to be.
Know more, reduce your costs, and delight your customers.

Insurance – The LiveClaims Mobile Workforce Management Solution

We help insurance companies and independent adjusters manage their Property & Casualty claims processes with a Mobile Workforce Management InsurTech platform.

A legacy claims process can be a logistical nightmare that increases settlement costs, frustrates policyholders and agents, and increases regulatory risk.

We connect insurers, policyholders, adjusters, and agents so the claims process is efficient, transparent and cost-effective.

Government – The Mobile Workforce Management & Mobile Workforce Development Solutions

We help state and local governments manage and develop their workforces with a game-changing GovTech platform.

Governments lack of simple, real-time, location-based collaboration, management and control technology to effectively coordinate job seekers, government staff and employer partners.

With the OnSeen Workforce Management & Workforce Development platform, case managers can connect job seekers to employers, case management staff and support resources at the right time and place with the right information.

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