The LiveClaims Platform

A Mobile Workforce Management platform that provides dispatch, tasking, monitoring, and collaboration for the field claims adjustment process  


Lack of Real-Time Visibility to Integrated Data & Limited Ability to Connect and Coordinate Claims Stakeholders.

The current claims management process is highly fragmented involves a complex mix of participants, including policy holders, claims managers, corporate and third-party adjusters, agents and contractors. Due to the absence of affordable, real-time, claims-focused mobile solutions, field communication among the participants is often delayed and ineffective.

The Result:

Process inefficiency, higher Loss Adjustment Expense (LAE), and lower customer satisfaction.


The LiveClaims Mobile Workforce Managment Platform for Dispatch, Tasking, Monitoring, and Collaboration.

Claims Managers can connect, monitor, engage, assign, coordinate and inform their customers, claims reps, agents and third parties in real-time wherever they are. OnSeen can also help provide information from multiple sources and display actionable metrics such as response times, people impacted, insured impacted, task status and logistics updates across all product lines.

The Result:

Increased adjuster productivity, lower Loss Adjustment Expense (LAE), and higher customer satisfaction.


  • Reduce communication lapses and wait times during the Claim adjustment process
  • Improve visibility into claim processing schedule & status
  • Reduce the Claim Adjustment process time
Insurance Agents
  • Improve visibility to their Policyholder client’s claim processing status
  • Receive real-time status updates on their clients’ claims
  • Increase field Adjuster productivity by 15 – 20%
  • Improve the efficiency & effectiveness of Adjuster scheduling, routing & Policyholder communications
  • Maximize the number of Claims that can be serviced each day
  • Minimize travel between appointments and reduce field adjustment costs
  • Reduce Insurer LAE by 15 – 25%
  • Increase Policyholder satisfaction and renewal rates
  • Reduce average claim resolution time
  • Improve visibility and control of field Adjusters
  • Minimize LAE participation exposure by reducing participating Insurers’ Claims Adjustment costs
  • Improve timeliness and accuracy of updates to Reinsurer’s estimated loss exposure during major disasters and catastrophes
Adjuster Mobile App

The Adjuster App provides field Adjusters with a list view of available Unassigned Claims, a list view of all Scheduled Claims assigned to them and a map view of all Unassigned & Scheduled Claims.

Adjusters can accept unassigned claims, check-in/out of Claim Appointments, view all Claims Details and send/receive Notifications to Policyholders and Claims Managers via the App.

Insurer Admin Console & Dashboard

The Insurer Admin Console allows Claims Managers to create/import Claims, monitor the locations of Claims and Adjusters in a map view, assign Adjusters to Claims in a map or list view, and monitor the Schedule of all Claims in a calendar view.

The Insurer Dashboard provides a graphical view of important Claims Adjustment KPIs and downloadable reports

Policyholder Portal

Policyholders are sent a secure weblink to their Virtual Claim File via email or text where they can enter Claim details and/or attach relevant video/photos and receive ongoing updates relative to their Claim Adjustment Status.

When the Adjuster is en route to an appointment, the Policyholder will receive notice and can link to a map showing the Adjuster’s location and ETA

Insurance Agent Portal

The Agent Portal provides Insurance Agents with the same Claim status updates that are received by each of their Policyholders.

Reinsurer Dashboard

The Reinsurer Dashboard provides Reinsurers with an overall view of the Claims activity across all of its Insurer clients using the OnSeen App for each disaster or catastrophe.

Key claims data captured through the Adjuster App and Insurer Dashboard is used to provide timely KPIs related to the Reinsurer’s Claims exposure and LAE share (by Event, by Insurer, by Adjuster)

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