AI-Powered, Claims Management Software for P&C Insurers and Independent Adjusters

Delivering Autonomous Adjuster Assignment, Accelerated Claims Processing, Increased Claims Adjustment Efficiency, and Improved Policyholder Experience


Claims Departments and Independent Adjusters manage thousands of claims, lack real-time visibility to claim status during the process and deal with mountains of emails, texts and voicemails from the various parties involved in the claim.
Compounding the problem further is the absence of a unifying technology to connect, coordinate and communicate with all the parties involved in the claim adjustment process (claims managers, FNOL call center reps, adjusters, policyholders, agents and contractors). The results are inefficient claim adjustment, high loss adjustment expense (LAE), and slow claims processing cycle times.

The Result
The claims process is the most important interaction a policyholder has with an insurance company. Unfortunately, due to these challenges, the experience is often frustrating and negative. And over 80 percent of policyholders who have a bad claims experience ultimately plan to switch to a new insurer.


LiveClaims intelligently and seamlessly manages the end-to-end claims processing workflow for P&C Insurers and Independent Adjusters
LiveClaims connects all parties involved in the claims adjustment process through an integrated set of modules, including:

  1. Claims Manager Admin Console
  2. Field Adjuster App
  3. Policyholder Portal
  4. Insurance Agent Portal

These configurable modules are powered by OnSeen’s Resource Optimizer and tightly integrated to efficiently and effectively manage the claims adjustment process.

The Result
LiveClaims delivers an intelligent, seamless, claims management process, resulting in:

  1. Increased adjuster productivity,
  2. Reduced Loss Adjustment Expense (LAE),
  3. Accelerated claims resolution time, and
  4. Improved Policyholder experience, satisfaction and retention.



  • Reduce communication lapses and wait times during the claim adjustment process
  • Receive real-time updates on the status of their claim
  • Get their claim processed faster (up to 40% adjustment cycle time reduction)
  • Enjoy a more satisfying experience

Independent Adjusters

  • Increase field Adjuster productivity by 10 – 20 percent
  • Increase Desk Adjuster productivity by 5 – 15 percent
  • Maximize the number of claims that can be serviced each day
  • Minimize travel between appointments and reduce field adjustment costs


  • Reduce Insurer LAE by 10 – 20
  • Increase Policyholder satisfaction and renewal rates
  • Reduce average claim resolution time by up to 40 percent
  • Improve visibility and control of field Adjusters

Insurance Agents

  • Improve visibility to their Policyholder client’s claim processing status
  • Receive real-time status updates on their clients’ claims
  • Reduce their admin cost to track claims for their clients


  • Conduct virtual desk audits of their insurer clients’ claims
  • Minimize LAE participation exposure across their insurer clients
  • Improve timeliness, accuracy of their estimated loss exposure during CATs

Claims Admin Software & Console

The Insurer Admin Software and Console is used by Claims Managers and inside Desk Adjusters to:

  • Import claims into LiveClaims
  • Autonomously assign, schedule and manage internal Field Adjusters, Desk Adjusters or Independent Adjusters
  • Monitor the locations and status of claims and Adjuster activities in a map view
  • View detailed Property Inspection Report, Property Photo Report and HOVER property data package created through the Adjuster App
  • Communicate in real-time with Adjusters, Policyholders and Agents
  • Review strategic claim service performance, productivity and financial metrics and download a variety of reports

Adjuster Mobile App

The Claims App is used by Field Adjusters to:

  • Receive and accept their claims assignments from the Admin Console
  • View all details of claims assigned to them
  • Schedule adjusting appointments with Policyholders
  • Check-in to and check-out from their scheduled appointment
  • Auto-send status updates to Desk Adjusters, Claims Managers and Policyholders
  • Fill out Consolidated Property Inspection and Photo Report Form
  • Order HOVER Report
  • Transmit forms and status to Admin Console

Policyholder Portal

The Policyholder Portal is accessed by Policyholders via a secure weblink to:

  • Upload initial claim information, photos and videos into the Claims Submission Form
  • Receive appointment reminders and notifications updating their claim status
  • Track the ETA and arrival progress of assigned Adjuster who is en route to appointment
  • Rate the overall performance of the claims adjustment process

Reinsurer Dashboard

The Reinsurer Portal is accessed by management of the Reinsurer to:

  • View the claims activity across all of its Insurer clients that are using LiveClaims to manage claims during disasters or catastrophes
  • Monitor claims data captured through the Adjuster App and Insurer Dashboard by their Insurers
  • Perform remote desk audits on adjustment activity for randomly selected claims
  • Review KPIs in near real-time related to the Reinsurer’s Claims exposure and LAE share (by Event, by Insurer, by Adjuster)

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