Intelligent Installation Management System Transforming Installation Management with Novel, AI-Powered Technology

Delivering Intelligence, Autonomy, and Speed to Installation Management Decisioning Driving Efficiency, Resource Optimization and Cost Savings Across the Installation Enterprise


The United States Air Force, and other Defense Departments, fight and win from their installations and bases. However, warfare has changed, and technology advances mean that success in modern conflict will depend on the ability for every AF installation or Army base to leverage big data, artificial intelligence, software modernization, and workforce optimization. Despite this operational imperative, many Defense Department installation and base processes remain manual, siloed, and disconnected.


Installations and bases must become thinking, learning, acting systems working in concert to project combat power. Installation management in this environment must have:

  • Accelerated, proactive, intelligent, and increasingly autonomous decision making,
  • Optimized resource allocation, assignment, and dispatch,
  • Automated emergency response and recovery, and
  • Efficient, automated process outcome and performance documentation and reporting.

Revolutionary Installation Management – I2MS

Intelligent Installation Decision Autonomy and Support
Advanced, AI-powered resource allocation, assignment and dispatching that continually applies lessons learned to better inform, accelerate and where applicable, autonomize leadership decisions

Intelligent, Directed Work 
Smart, directed activity and task execution, combined with automated outcome documentation using intelligent eForms and eChecklists
Seamless Systems Integration 
Seamless integration with other critical installation systems of record and enterprise databases
Integrated Comms 
Comprehensive, integrated voice and digital comms between commanders/supervisors and their remote, field resources
Comprehensive Installation Situational Awareness  
Real-time, 360 degree, spatial, graphical, tabular and document views of installation processes and incidents, provided for commanders, supervisors, and their organizations


With I2MS’ superior, seamlessly integrated, AI-powered installation management technology, the USAF, and other Defense Departments, create a strategic, sustainable, competitive advantage over our enemies through:

    • Rapid, autonomous, installation resource allocation, assignment, and dispatch,
    • 360 degree, real-time situational awareness of all installation assets and resources,
    • Intelligent directed work of remote installation personnel, and
    • Maximized utilization of available installation resources.

The future of installation management is here and can be found in OnSeen’s AI-powered, I2MS.

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