for In-Home Healthcare Providers

LiveCare is an end-to-end management solution for in-home healthcare providers


Manual-Intensive In-Residence Healthcare and Administrative Processes.

No real-time connectivity between the Provider’s home office staff and in-home providers and consumers. 

Inefficient transportation processes to get Consumers to and from out-of-home appointments . 

Major compliance exposure with government regulators.

The LiveCare Solution Manages the End-To-End, In-Home Healthcare Workflow and Related Financial Account Management Processes.

The LiveCare Solution seamlessly connects all parties involved in the home healthcare and out-of-home transport process through an integrated set of modules, including:

  1. Provider Admin Console and Dashboard
  2. In-Home Provider App
  3. Consumer/Guardian Portal

These configurable modules are tightly integrated to efficiently and effectively manage the in-residence administrative workflows and consumer transport process from beginning to end.

The Result
Increased in-home and home office productivity, lower admin and transport expense, increased staff and vehicle utilization, improved regulatory compliance and increased Consumer satisfaction.



Home Office Management

  •  Increase productivity of In-Home Service Provider Staff.
  • Reduce consumer financial account errors and monthly account reconciliation time.
  • Increase vehicle and driver utilization.

Consumer, Guardians

  • Receive better service from their home healthcare provider.
  • Better visibility into process and account balances.
  • Reduced account errors and easier record keeping.
Shipment Delivery

In-Home Service Providers

  • Improve in-home processes through mobile automation.
  • Accelerate admin processing and reduce errors resulting in better performance.
  • Enhance their service quality to consumers.


  • Provide access to their schedule through their mobile device.
  • Reduce mileage and transit times of Consumer trips.
  • Maximize the number of trips they can service each day.

Provider Admin Console and Dashboard

      • Used by residential service and operations management with access based on User roles
      • Assign activities and tasks to In-Home Providers and other participating Field Staff
      • Set Consumer spending caps and discretionary spending limits
      • Review and monitor consumer account ledgers, receipts, signatures and related items
      • Review and perform desk audits on financial transaction entries
      • Monitor staff, activities, sites and tasks through map and list views
      • Review task and activity details and attachments
      • Send notifications and alerts to field staff based on established triggers and thresholds
      • Monitor and review strategic KPIs and metrics and download operational reports

In-Home Provider App

  • Used by In-Home Service Providers an access based on User roles and Consumer assignment.
  • Review and accept assigned tasks and activities. 
  • Review Task Schedule details and locations of their scheduled assignments.
  • Update Task Status by swiping task status action buttons. 
  • Manage Petty Cash Ledger and log each Consumer transaction (deposits, withdrawals).
  • Capture and submit Deposit and Withdrawal Tickets, Expense Receipts, Pay Stubs, Checks and Bills by taking picture of ticket or receipt.
  • Reconcile and store the Consumer financial packet in an e-format. 
  • Schedule and view trips for their Consumers. 
  • Receive notifications regarding ETA for pick ups and upcoming trips. 
  • Real-time tracking of Driver/Vehicle ETA and Location.

Consumer, Guardian Portal

  • View transaction logs and reports with time stamps.
  • Capture and upload Deposit and Withdrawal Tickets, and Expense Receipts by taking picture.
  • Submit Trip Request. 
  • View Scheduled Trips for their Consumer.
  • Receive Reminder Notifications regarding upcoming TSRs. 
  • Real-time tracking of Driver/Vehicle ETA and Location.

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