LiveCare for In-Home Healthcare Providers

LiveCare is an end-to-end management solution for in-home healthcare providers


Manual-Intensive In-Residence Healthcare and Administrative Processes. Manual-Intensive In-Residence Healthcare and Administrative Processes.

Lack of mobile technology and no real-time connectivity between the Provider’s home office staff and in-home providers and consumers. 

Inefficient transportation processes to get Consumers to and from the store and required out-of-home appointments . 

Major compliance exposure with government regulators.

The LiveCare Solution Manages the End-To-End, In-Home Healthcare Workflow and Related Financial Account Management Processes.

The LiveCare Solution seamlessly connects all parties involved in the home healthcare and out-of-home transport process through an integrated set of modules, including:

  1. Provider Admin Console and Dashboard
  2. In-Home Provider App
  3. Consumer/Guardian Portal

These configurable modules are tightly integrated to efficiently and effectively manage the in-residence administrative workflows and consumer transport process from beginning to end.

The Result
Increased in-home and home office productivity, lower admin and transport expense, increased staff and vehicle utilization, improved regulatory compliance and increased Consumer satisfaction.



Home Office Management

  •  Increase productivity of 10 percent or more for In-Home Service Provider Staff.
  • Reduce petty cash account errors of at least 10 percent over current baseline.
  • Increase vehicle and driver utilization of at least 10 percent over current baseline.

Consumer, Guardians

  • Receive better service from their home healthcare provider.
  • Better visibility into process and account balances.
  • Reduced account errors and easier record keeping.
Shipment Delivery

In-Home Service Providers

  • Improve and make the in-home processes less stressful through mobile automation.
  • Accelerate admin processing and reduce errors resulting in better performance scores.
  • Enhance service to consumers leading to increased job satisfaction.


  • Improve accessibility to their schedule through their mobile device.
  • Reduce mileage and transit times of Consumer trips.
  • Maximize the number of trips that can be serviced each day.

Provider Admin Console and Dashboard

      • Used by residential service and operations management with access based on User roles
      • Assign activities and tasks to In-Home Providers and other participating Field Staff
      • Set Consumer spending caps and discretionary spending limits
      • Review and monitor petty cash ledgers, receipts, signatures and related items
      • Review and perform desk audits on financial transaction entries
      • Monitor staff, activities, sites and tasks through map and list views
      • Review task and activity details and attachments
      • Send notifications and alerts to field staff based on established triggers and thresholds
      • Monitor and review strategic KPIs and metrics and download operational reports

In-Home Provider App

Used by In-Home Service Providers an access based on User roles and Consumer assignment.Review and accept assigned tasks and activities. Review Task Schedule details and locations of their scheduled assignments.

Update Task Status by swiping task status action buttons. Manage Petty Cash Ledger and log each Consumer transaction (deposits, withdrawals). Capture and submit Deposit and Withdrawal Tickets, Expense Receipts, Pay Stubs, Checks and Bills by taking picture of ticket or receipt. Capture electronic signatures for each Ledger Transaction

Pull together, store and manage the entire Consumer financial packet in an e-format. View Scheduled Trips for their Consumers. Receive Notifications regarding ETA for Pick-Ups. Receive Reminder Notifications regarding upcoming TSRs. Real-time tracking of Driver/Vehicle ETA and Location.

Consumer, Guardian Portal

View transaction logs and reports with time stamps.Capture and submit Deposit and Withdrawal Tickets, and Expense Receipts by taking picture of ticket or receipt.

Capture electronic signatures for each ledger transaction. Submit Transportation Service Request (“TSR”). View Scheduled Trips for their Consumer

Receive Reminder Notifications regarding upcoming TSRs. Real-time tracking of Driver/Vehicle ETA and Location.


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