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Woodville Mutual and Pike Mutual Upgrade to LiveClaims v2.0 to Seamlessly Connect Their Claims Managers, Independent Adjusters, Policyholders and Insurance Agents

OnSeen, Inc. announced today that it has released v2.0 of its LiveClaims Solution. LiveClaims connects all parties involved in the claim processing workflow in real-time through an affordable, easy-to-use, mobile-web platform. The new version of LiveClaims focuses on: (1) extending the benefits of its mobile claims adjustment solution to P&C insurers’ policyholders, (2) enhancing LiveClaims API to make it easier to integrate with insurers’ existing policy and claims management software, and (3) implementing additional functionality in the Claims Manager Console and Adjuster Mobile App to drive increased process efficiency and LAE reduction. Based on its SaaS delivery and activity-based pricing model, independent, mutual, regional and specialty insurers, like Pike and Woodville, are able to access OnSeen’s robust claims management technology at a price point within their reach.


Unfortunately for insurers, there are many, disconnected parties involved in the claims process, including claims managers, FNOL call center reps, adjusters, policyholders, agents and contractors. The result is an inefficient, manually intensive process that produces a mountain of redundant emails, texts, voicemails and forms that are exchanged in a chaotic, uncontrolled fashion between the involved parties. The inevitable result is an inefficient and expensive claims adjustment process and uninformed and frustrated policyholders. These challenges are magnified exponentially during disasters and catastrophes when hundreds or thousands of claims occur within a short period of time in a relatively small geographic region.


“Our claims management process prior to OnSeen was largely manual and not as efficient as we would have liked, with lots of redundant emails, texts and phone calls flying around in all directions,” said Andrew Younker, COO of Woodville Mutual. “We are excited to upgrade to LiveClaims 2.0 so we can continue to improve the efficiency of our claims adjustment process, lower our LAE, and increase the productivity and effectiveness of our independent adjusters.”


According to an Accenture’s Claims Customer Survey, 83 percent of policyholders who have a bad claims experience plan to switch to a new insurer. One of LiveClaims v2.0’s principal objectives is to help insurers improve the claims experiences of their policyholders by: (1) making it easy for them to file their claim, (2) processing policyholder claims faster, and (3) keeping them informed and up to date on their claim status in real time.


“One of our big goals for 2019 is to make the claims management experience better for our policyholders,” said Jim Silver, Treasurer/Secretary of Pike Mutual. “The new Policyholder Portal being rolled out with v2.0 of OnSeen’s LiveClaims Solution is the cornerstone of our initiative to improve our policyholder experience and satisfaction.”


About OnSeen: 
OnSeen is a Mobile Workforce Management (MWM) solution. Its command and control platform for mobile workforces and teams helps organizations coordinate their people, places, and things. The OnSeen mobile team solution connects all the stakeholders involved in a remote field process (e.g. home office management, field staff or contractors, customers, partners). With OnSeen, managers can dispatch, monitor, and task their remote team members, provide real-time status updates to all stakeholders with a vested interest in the process, and facilitate tightly integrated collaboration across their remote teams. OnSeen currently serves the insurance, government, and transportation sectors. The common thread among clients in these verticals is a need for a tool that provides real-time situational awareness, resource allocation, intelligent routing, workforce collaboration and communication for their inherently mobile teams.


About Woodville Mutual: 
Woodville Mutual originated 1859 providing fire insurance to rural home and farm owners in its local tri-county area. Today, Woodville Mutual is an established property insurance company serving policyholders across the state of Ohio via its independent agency force and continues to provide reliable protection for people’s homes, property, and future.


About Pike Mutual Insurance Company: 
Dedicated to service since 1878, Pike Mutual offers Ohio residents quality Home, Mobile Home, Farm, and rental property insurance products marketed through independent agencies currently located in southern, central and northeastern Ohio. Pike Mutual combines the casualty products and services provided by Wayne Mutual Insurance Company to provide premier property/casualty coverage for your Farm, Home, Mobile Home and personal property.