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ViaQuest licenses OnSeen’s LiveCare Solution to increase productivity, reduce admin costs, ensure compliance and improve the consumer experience

OnSeen, Inc. announced today that it has entered into an agreement with ViaQuest, Inc. to license and implement LiveCare, OnSeen’s mobile workforce management solution for the home healthcare industry. ViaQuest delivers innovative healthcare and support services to people at their residences in order to improve their living conditions and quality of life. Delivering services at a consumer’s residence, however, poses many unique challenges to providers like ViaQuest. These challenges are compounded by the fact that there are many, disconnected parties involved in the care delivery process, including the care-receiving consumer, their family members, the in-home care providers and the provider’s home office administrative and management staff. Not surprisingly, the current processes generate a mountain of emails, texts, voicemails, forms, hardcopy files, and manual ledgers. And real-time communication and document sharing between the participants in the process is difficult. The inevitable result is an inefficient and expensive care delivery process, and uninformed and frustrated consumers and guardians.


“Our administrative processes prior to LiveCare were mostly manual and less efficient than we wanted. At the same time, communications with and visibility to our in-house caregiver activities were inherently delayed and restricted,” said Rich Johnson, CEO of ViaQuest. “Given our mission to transform the way home care services are delivered, we are excited to partner with OnSeen to implement LiveCare so we can improve the efficiency of our in-residence care processes, lower our administrative costs, and improve the service delivery and experience for our consumers.”


LiveCare seamlessly connects in real-time all of the parties involved in the home healthcare process through an affordable, easy-to-use, mobile-web platform. Through its web-based Admin Console & Dashboard, managers and admins can: (1) assign, schedule and manage in-home caregiver tasks and activities; (2) monitor task completion status and caregiver activity; (3) communicate real-time with caregivers, consumers, and guardians; and (4) review critical caregiver performance, productivity, and financial metrics. With the Caregiver Mobile App, caregivers can: (1) review their Schedule details and location of their scheduled assignments; (2) update their status by swiping task status action buttons; (3) manage Consumer’s Petty Cash Ledger; and (4) create, store and manage the financial packet for the Consumer in an electronic format. The web-based Consumer/Guardian Portal allows consumers or guardians to (1) view daily transaction logs and missing details reports; (2) capture/submit deposit/withdrawal tickets, and receipts by simply taking a picture of them; and (3) capture electronic signatures for each Ledger Transaction.


“The principal objective of our LiveCare Solution is to help home healthcare providers deliver quality service and a positive experience to their consumers,” said Randy Smith, President of OnSeen. “We are thrilled that ViaQuest has agreed to work with us to not only improve their own operations and in-home care delivery but to also help us enhance our platform so we can transform the operations of the entire home healthcare industry.”


About OnSeen:
OnSeen is a Mobile Workforce Management (MWM) solution. Its command and control platform for mobile workforces and teams helps organizations coordinate their people, places, and things. The OnSeen mobile team solution connects all the stakeholders involved in a remote field process (e.g. home office management, field staff or contractors, customers, partners). With OnSeen, managers can dispatch, monitor, and task their remote team members, provide real-time status updates to all stakeholders with a vested interest in the process, and facilitate tightly integrated collaboration across their remote teams. OnSeen currently serves the insurance, government, and transportation sectors. The common thread among clients in these verticals is a need for a tool that provides real-time situational awareness, resource allocation, intelligent routing, workforce collaboration and communication for their inherently mobile teams.


About ViaQuest:
Founded in 1999 by CEO Rich Johnson, ViaQuest has grown from a single division in Ohio to serving individuals throughout Ohio, Indiana and Pennsylvania. The name ViaQuest represents the overall mission of the company: a group of people on a mission (or Quest) to change the way (Via) health care services are delivered. Through a wide range of innovative services referred to as ViaQuest’s Circle of Care, their skilled, dedicated employees ensure that the people they serve are active participants in their own care. ViaQuest offers quality, highly-personalized, specialized and cost-effective care, solutions and services.